Affordable Dog Boarding Kennels & Pet Grooming

Hamilton County

All canine suites have indoor and outdoor areas


Large suites Single Accommodation

Shared Accommodation

$23.00 a day.*

$36.00 a day.*

Deluxe suites Single Accommodation

Shared Accommodation (2 dogs) 7.00 per extra pet

$27.00 a day.*

$42.00 a day.*

Doggy Daycare (please call 24 hours in advance to make arrangements)

*30 minutes of play park time each day included.

$17.00 per day*
Feline Accommodations Cat boarding

3 Level Cat Condo


$18.00 a day.*

 Pick and drop off hours after closing at $50


Grooming Rates

Grooming is available by appointment Monday through Saturday


Bath for Dogs

* includes ear cleaning

Small breed under 20lbs

Medium breed under 40lbs

Medium breed under 60lbs

Large breed under 80lbs

Large breed over 80lbs

Flea/Tick baths






additional $10-$30




Special Services

(by appointment or when boarding)

Ear cleaning:

Nail trimming/dremeling:

Administraton of medications:

**A small additional fee will be charged per

day depending upon number of medications

and degree of difficulty. Owner must provide

medications and any special treats/food

required to administer medications.

Unaltered Fee: 3.00 extra a day

Cleaning fee for un housebroken pets: 3.00 per day

$ 5.00


Bath for Cats Long-haired breed:

Short-haired breed:

**Prices may vary for cats depending on the

condition of the coat and how easily the cat

can be handled.

$20.00 to $30.00


 Our groomers have many years of experience handling guests that are groomer-phobic.



Our Specials

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