Labby Lane Kennel uses only ALL NATURAL shampoos, conditioners and grooming products. No harsh chemicals or harsh methods are ever used to groom your pets. We never use tranquilizers and do not groom or bathe tranquilized pets. We recommend and use Frontline Plus and Frontline Spray to prevent fleas and ticks. Complimentary baths are provided to all guests who board at Labby Lane Kennel for 10 days or more. We are the best when it comes to your dog and cat grooming in Hamilton County!

We DO NOT flea dip pets! and reserve the right to refuse to groom or bathe a pet due to poor temperament or no proof of vaccinations.

Boarding Services

Large suites are 3′ x 5′ indoors and 3′ x 10′ outdoors. It can accommodate a large or small guest, or two small, or medium sized guests who prefer to room together.

Deluxe suites are 6′ x 5′ indoors and 6′ x 10′ outdoors. It can comfortably accommodate a giant breed guest, two large or medium guests, or up to 4 small guests who prefer to room together.

All suites are covered for our guest’s safety and to prevent escape. The outdoor patio area of each suite provides a dry and shady place for our guests to enjoy the outdoors.

Special Accommodations

Special accommodations are available for guests who are elderly or uncomfortable in a boarding environment. Our deluxe indoor dog area is separate from the boarding area with its own play yard and doggy door.

Feline accommodations – Cats are provided large cages with a medium sized litter pan and bed. This provides our feline guest with plenty of space to relax or play. Each guest gets daily TLC time and ample “window” time for bird watching.

You don’t have to worry on where your pets would stay. Labby Lane Kennel is the most comfortable dog and cat boarding in Hamilton County. It’s your pets’ home away from home.


Owner must provide proof that all vaccinations are current and brought up to date 14 days prior to boarding. Vaccinations required for dogs: Rabies, distemper and bordetella (protects against kennel cough) Vaccinations required for cats: Rabies, distemper and feline leukemia.