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Cat Boarding

Cat Boarding In Chattanooga
With All The Comforts of Home

At Labby Lane, Cats are provided large cages with a medium sized litter pan and bed. This provides our feline guest with plenty of space to relax or play. Each guest gets daily TLC time and ample “window” time for bird watching.

You don’t have to worry on where your pets would stay. Labby Lane Kennel is the most comfortable cat and dog boarding facility in the greater Chattanooga area. It’s your pets’ home away from home and we want to make sure there stay is just as comfortable as if they were at home.

cat boarding in chattanooga

Is Your Pet Interested In A Getaway?


Administration Of Medications

A small additional fee will be charged per day depending upon number of medications and degree of difficulty. Owner must provide medications and any special treats/food required to administer medications.

Cat Boarding Pricing & Packages

  • Felines $19day

    Cat boarding 3 Level Cat Condo: $19 a day

    Deluxe suites are 6′ x 5′ indoors and 6′ x 10′ outdoors. It can comfortably accommodate a giant breed guest, two large or medium guests, or up to 4 small guests who prefer to room together.