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We are excited to have your pup stay with us at Labby Lane Kennel! Before your visit, please complete the online profile and upload current vaccinations. When completed, if we have not already contacted you, please give us a call to book your Meet and Greet appointment.

Our Meet and Greet appointments allow us to evaluate your pup in our daycare environment for a minimum of 5 hours (though we can go longer, as needed). We slowly introduce your pup to different situations, low energy to high energy, and then let them try out a trial boarding suite to see how they do in boarding. We only need you to stay for 5 minutes to complete a temperament document, which is a guide for us in the evaluation process.

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Vaccination Policy

All Pets must be current on Vaccinations. Rabies, Distemper, Leptospirosis, Parainfluenza and Parvovirus. We do not require the Bordatella. Current vaccinations copies must be supplied. Vaccines MUST be brought up to date 2 weeks prior to check in date.

Dirty Dog Policy

Any pets entering the kennel with fleas will be charged a $25.00 penalty fee in addition to the cost of a bath and Frontline, which will be added to the boarding bill.

After Hours Service Policy

Our regular business hours are from 8am-11am Monday through Saturday 5 and 7 PM Monday through Friday and Sunday. We are closed Christmas. Special Arrangements can be made for family or medical emergencies only. A $50.00 fee will be charged for any other special arrangements outside of business hours and such service Must be prearranged. No service will be provided on Holidays. Please understand that while we do appreciate your business, we also have a family life, so please don’t ask us to make exceptions to this policy.

Other Fees & Notes

  • Medications

    (please call 24 hours in advance) *30 minutes of play park time each day included.

  • Unaltered

    Unaltered Fee is $8.00 extra a day

  • Unhousebroken pets

    Cleaning fee for unhousebroken pets is $8.00 per day

  • After Hours Pickup

    Pick and drop off hours after closing at $50

Bath Pricing & Packages

  • Under 20Lbs: $16
  • Under 40lbs: $19
  • Under 60lbs: $23
  • Under 80lbs: $28
  • Over 80lbs: $34